Scale For A Sale!

How to SCALE for a promotional SALE: A little known secret in the fulfillment world is the heavy reliance on temporary workers to help scale up for promotional sales and seasonal fluctuations. While temporary labor may be cost effective for fulfillment companies, this can often lead to errors and issues with quality of service. Peak Manufacturing and Fulfillment has a unique solution to the issue of scaling, we scale internally. With over 200 employees spread out between manufacturing, assembly, warehousing, logistics, and fulfillment, we can shift our full-time, cross-trained employees to wherever they are needed most. This allows us to ALWAYS use highly trained and trusted employees who not only know our system but have worked with our supervisors and management for many years…even decades! When shopping for a manufacturing, assembly, and fulfillment partner, be sure to ask them how they scale their staffing to account for business fluctuations in a tight labor market.

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