Maribel – 10 Years!

Congratulations Maribel – 10 Years!

Pay close attention, we are going to give you the secret ingredient to a successful manufacturing and fulfillment company. It’s the people! And Maribel is another perfect example of how great employees make a company great.

Maribel moved from Durango Mexico to Denver 16 years ago to join her family who already lived here. She joined our sister company, Caroba Plastics, 10 years ago as a machine operator. Being the ultimate team player, Maribel would help fill voids on shifts that needed help. This took her from 1st shift for 2 years, to 2nd shift for 4 years, to 5th shift, and back to 1st shift, all while continually learning different processes in our manufacturing operation. After about 9 years of learning our manufacturing operation, she was given the opportunity to learn an entirely new operation in our fulfillment division.

Maribel has a special gift for learning quickly and coupled with her great attitude, she became a trusted fulfillment specialist in just a matter of weeks. As the weeks turned into months, we have noticed that not only does she genuinely care about her work, but she is very patient with every situation she is presented with. This patience along with her ability to work well with everyone has shown her hidden talent as a teacher.

It is a great feeling to know that when we have new people that need training, Maribel will be there to help show them the day-to-day tasks that they need to be successful in our operation. Her ability to teach extends far beyond the words she says, it is also the example that she sets by always being on time, working hard, and caring about the quality of work she does for our customers every day.

We always like to ask employees, what is it that you like about our company that has kept you here so long? Maribel answered like so many employees before her…it’s the people! She really enjoys the people she works with, and it shows by how quickly she has built comradery in our fulfillment operation. She also loves to learn the new things that we continually present to her…and the cherry on top is that she only lives 5 minutes away!

Thank you for all your hard work Maribel and congratulations on 10 years!

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