Peak’s Customer Partnerships with Shelf-Stable Food Producers

These food companies typically sell their products through major chain stores, specialty retail outlets, and e-commerce sites. Each channel comes with its own set of requirements and processes. These food companies, though, can leave all the fulfilment details to us – including the steps related to:

  • Order consolidation and shipping to a chain’s distribution center.
  • Repackaging and shipping to specialty retail stores.
  • Single/multiple item repackaging and shipping to e-commerce customers.

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Peak’s Customized Omni-Channel Fulfillment Services for Shelf-Stable Food Producers

We receive our customer’s products at our facility in pallet or caseload quantities and then we transform the shipment into the required packaging configurations for their various customers

We maintain their inventory in a dedicated area of our facility and utilize our Tier 1 Warehouse Management System to direct the subsequent fulfillment steps. We can even print our customer’s bar-coded shipping labels based on their requirements and protocols and also apply any branded labels they provide us.

These product shipments are prepared in accordance with our customers’ packaging configuration requirements and their shipping preferences. We can collaborate with them to determine ideal options from a timing and cost perspective.

We coordinate electronically with our customers’ software systems and e-commerce platforms with API and EDI integrations and flat file transfers to ensure our customers have real-time visibility regarding their inventory.

Since inventory control and visibility is critically important for our shelf-stable food clients, our fulfillment tracking processes maintain all necessary lot number documentation. Additionally, our inventory management system utilizes product expiration records to help ensure that our shipping windows are within the parameters set by our customers’ retail and distribution center customers.

The Customized Peak Product Fulfillment Team

Shelf-stable food and beverage fulfillment activity is a labor-intensive, customer-specific process. Our logistical professionals are all full-time employees, and we don’t bring on untrained, temporary workers. These teams are led and trained by senior level supervisors. All the fulfillment steps are thoroughly documented and integrated into the warehouse management system to promote 100% fulfillment accuracy and process compliance.

Quality is key. Our fulfillment team leaders are continually documenting and tracking our fulfillment procedures and processes – not only to maintain the highest quality service, but also to provide easy access to the data our clients require.

As a family of companies, we’ve been in business since 1983 and many of our team members have been with us for a decade or more. That means our customers can be confident that Peak team members aren’t learning on the job.

Please contact us to talk about your logistics challenges related to storing and shipping your shelf-stable food products.

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