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The Peak Manufacturing and Fulfillment team isn’t just a group of employees with a set of tasks — we’re a family of old friends, leaders, and teammates. Unlike many production facilities that become caught in an endless cycle of turnover and new hires, our team has remained relatively constant over the years. Peak’s open work environment is what drives this loyal group of hard workers, ensuring our employees’ thoughts are always heard, and in return, your needs are always met.

When you walk through our fulfillment center and shipping facility, you’ll meet a group of dedicated people who truly believe in the work they’re doing, and work hard each day to ensure that work meets client standards, and ours. Our valued team approaches each of our fulfillment services and shipping tasks the same way we approach our in-house fulfillment needs — with unrivaled precision, unchanging processes, and unmatched passion.

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Perfected production 

We pride ourselves on the immaculate condition of our fulfillment warehouse, rising far above the standards of our competitors. Our fulfillment center and shipping facility are designed and arranged to allow for synchronized and streamlined production, with designated departments for each step of the process. Peak provides order fulfillment services and shipping services for leading medical technology and healthcare companies, urging the need for superior-grade clean rooms, uncluttered warehousing aisles, and spotless surfaces and floors. This stringent emphasis on cleanliness and organization echoes throughout every section of our fulfillment centers and shipping facilities, ensuring your products are always stored, prepared, and shipped in pristine condition. 

When you stop by our Colorado fulfillment center, you won’t see a box, tool, or strip of tape out of place. We take extra care with our facilities not only because they are our livelihood, but because they are yours too. With such immaculate attention to detail, our manufacturing division has earned the distinction of an ISO 9000 certification.  The ISO 9000 rating signifies that we meet the 9 ideal principles of business operations on an international level, ensuring that our manufacturing headquarter is achieving optimal quality.

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E-commerce fulfillment services

As our name implies, Peak specializes in a complex range of fulfillment services and shipping services for our growing Colorado clients. From simple pick, pack, and ship services to comprehensive design, development, and distribution, the Peak fulfillment center is well-versed in every step of the production process. With this integrated set of services and skills, we’re able to tackle your fulfillment and shipping needs with efficiency, professionalism, and precision. 
Our fulfillment services and shipping services are comprised of dedicated team members, cutting-edge technologies, pristine production conditions, and open fulfillment warehouse management software, allowing us to provide a professional and personal business experience. 

Top-of-the-line technology

Peak Manufacturing and Fulfillment never shies away from harnessing the newest technologies in our work for fear of change or evolution — progress and forward growth is exactly what we believe in. Peak utilizes the newest breakthroughs in e-commerce fulfillment services and shipping, with order automation and tracking that enables your business to work efficiently and effectively. Using our e-commerce order fulfillment software, we can process your business’s orders as they’re entered, converting and translating the order details into our system for streamlined automation capabilities.

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Peak utilizes a variety of integration approaches to connect your system to ours.  We’ve found that every customer has unique requirements and we can offer unique solutions, ranging from legacy to new.
Flat File – We can translate and map order data from nearly any file based source.
EDI – We can provide EDI services to connect to large distributors and retailers.  
API – We can provide an internet based connection to online storefronts, large and small.

Accessible automation & tracking

Here at Peak Manufacturing and Fulfillment, we understand that enlisting a fulfillment warehouse and shipping facility can sometimes feel like you’re losing control. At the end of the day, this is your business dream— we’re just here to bring it to life. Because of this, we want you to feel involved in every step of the process, from concept and planning to shipping and processing. With our 24/7 customer portal, you can enter orders, track the progress of our e-commerce fulfillment, and maintain visibility with your business on a production level. 

Manufacturing and Fulfillment

E-commerce fulfillment services for every business scale

Peak Manufacturing and Fulfillment is in the business of helping companies expand scale, excel service, and exceed expectations. We’re committed to optimizing e-commerce fulfillment services and shipping services for leading brands, growing businesses, and new names. With our comprehensive and adaptive scope of services, there’s always a solution to be found with Peak .

Young entrepreneurs

Peak provides e-commerce fulfillment services and shipping services for leading global brands and businesses, but we believe that all great ideas start small. We’re happy to help your startup grow, incubating your small-scale business into a far-reaching brand. We can start simple with order fulfillment, and grow with you as you expand your customer base and reach.

Contract manufacturers

Peak Manufacturing and Fulfillment has been chosen by leading medical, consumer goods, and food brands for enlisted support with contract e-commerce fulfillment, shipping services, and beyond. Our expert eyes have allowed major industry leaders to reduce production times, increase customer satisfaction, and foster expansion on a global level.

Growing brands

If you’ve reached a turning point in business and can no longer rely solely on in-house production to fulfill orders, Peak can lend a helping hand at our fulfillment center and shipping facility. We’re ready to take on the extra e-commerce fulfillment and shipping work you can’t keep up with, streamlining business and opening up possibility for major growth. 
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Peak’s full scope of services stretch far beyond the limits of e-commerce fulfillment and shipping — don’t hesitate to learn more about our integrated production offerings.