Partnering for Product Fulfillment Solutions

Our customers are found in a variety of consumer and industrial sectors, ranging from sporting goods, food packaging, and housewares to agricultural equipment parts and landscaping tools. What these companies have in common, though, is the need to work with a reliable supply chain partner to fulfill orders and meet commitments for their injection molded parts.

Many product companies first began working with us after they fully engineered a new product but didn’t have their own production facilities to scale their company. In other cases, the companies had grown to the point where they couldn’t adequately expand their in-house production and fulfillment operations to meet new levels of demand. We integrate quality manufacturing with reliable fulfillment solutions that support the growth goals of companies in these and similar situations.

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For nearly 40 years, our large, established, family-owned business has earned a reputation for:

  • Maintaining teams of experienced employees.
  • Performing high-quality production.
  • Providing customized, reliable fulfillment solutions.
  • Offering exceptional, responsive customer service.

Peak Product Manufacturing/Fulfillment Support

With our 32 Nissei high-precision injection molding presses and related equipment, we have the capacity to produce over 15,000 parts per hour per machine and 400 million parts per year.

We not only provide our consumer and industrial product customers the high quality, high volumes they need, but we also offer them a full range of product fulfillment support including warehousing, labeling, distribution, and other order fulfillment services. We manage these activities with the same high level of conscientious quality control as our production processes.

Many of our customers also rely on us for the final or intermediate assembly of their products. We’re even able to integrate additional plastic and non-plastic parts from a customer’s other suppliers. This assembly work might involve simply snapping or gluing pieces together, but we can also utilize more complex operations such as spin welding, ultrasonic welding, and other processes—all with full levels of documentation.

The Customized Peak Product Fulfillment Team is All About Quality

Each of our project teams includes experienced engineers, toolmakers, polymer engineers, and molding professionals. Our 200+ employees are all full-time professionals. We don’t use untrained, temporary workers.

Quality is key. Our manufacturing is ISO 9000 compliant and certified for quality management and quality assurance. We maintain thorough internal, external, and customer audit procedures. Our Quality Teams are led and staffed by highly trained Quality Inspectors who continually document and track our procedures and processes.

As a family of companies, we’ve been in business since 1983 and many of our team members have been with us for a decade or more. That means our customers can be confident that Peak team members aren’t learning on the job.

Environmental Standards

Working green is important to us and to our customers. Our scrap reduction processes help support our clients’ environmental commitments for responsible supply chain sourcing.

Please feel free to contact us to discuss your injection molded consumer and industrial product manufacturing and fulfillment challenges.

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