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Peak Manufacturing and Fulfillment is the industry leader for streamlined manufacturing and injection molding in the Rocky Mountain Area, enabling countless local and regional brands to expand product lines and increase scale. Using our stacked lineup of plastic injection molding machinery and time-tested expertise, Peak Manufacturing and Fulfillment develops mass production manufacturing for regional and local businesses. Peak provides complex manufacturing capabilities that enhance productivity and stimulate profitability.
Peak’s manufacturing structure is built on sophisticated machinery, flexible techniques, professional personnel, and zero waste philosophy, giving your business the power to boost product manufacturing without sacrificing quality. With this integration of product manufacturing mechanisms and support, your business capacity will grow with ease and stability. 
Manufacturing and Fulfillment

Modern machinery

Peak Manufacturing and Fulfillment operates as a full-service thermoplastic injection molder, serving the medical, technological, industrial, and consumer goods industries with personalization and professionalism. Considered the injection molding leader in Colorado, we pride ourselves on our ability to expedite the product manufacturing process without compromising quality. With state-of-the-art machinery, Peak presents an unrivaled option for the marketplace with exclusive access to high-precision presses and auxiliary equipment.

Peak Manufacturing and Fulfillment is fully stocked with a standardized Fleet of Nissei’s, Hydraulic, Electric, and Hybrid plastic injection molding machines, offering up a greater breadth of machinery than our competitors. And with robotics technology and automation, the manufacturing process is optimized and enhanced, reducing valued time spent in labor and backlogs. By fusing these modern mechanisms into one comprehensive product manufacturing process, your business is afforded a higher yield rate, with a lower production time. 

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Adaptable approach

Peak’s full-service capabilities enable us to adapt our processes and maneuvers to match your specifications and needs. With a wide range of machinery tonnage anywhere from 22 tons to 720 tons, there is always a solution to be found for your business and scale. Our complete scope of product manufacturing enables our clients to find flexible processes that match their business practices and operations. Using this adaptable approach, we ensure our clients remain actively involved through every step of the manufacturing process. 
The Peak product manufacturing team is well-versed in all forms of thermoplastic materials, allowing our experts to assist with material selection, mold preparation, and mold dismantling without causing damage or wasting time. Using this adaptive and efficient approach, the Peak product manufacturing team functions as your equal partner and loyal guide throughout the production process. 

Optimal efficiency 

Peak Manufacturing and Fulfillment believes in a zero scrap philosophy for our product manufacturing process, from the initial quoting stages to the final production steps. With this zero waste philosophy, we’re cutting down on unnecessary product manufacturing materials and reducing our yearly consumption. Maintaining this peak efficiency ideology isn’t just to promote environmentally-conscious efforts either—our top priority is to always save you money and valued time. By making the most of your manufacturing materials, we value your business as our own, with an honest and devoted commitment to efficiency and productivity.
Peak’s zero scrap philosophy focuses on the materials and supplies used in our product manufacturing projects, with a staunch dedication to making the most of every element of our process. Every scrap of metal, every product manufacturing tool, and every packaging component is re purposed or reinvented to the best of our abilities, saving on materials expenses and additional costs. With this conscious promise, Peak vows to optimize your product manufacturing budget, while reducing our daily waste, creating more efficient operations for all. 

Specialized staff

Peak Manufacturing and Fulfillment employs expert product manufacturing and fulfillment personnel at our Colorado facilities, requiring our crew to continually learn through rigorous training. With our full-service and high-efficiency manufacturing operations, mistakes or oversights in production can results in a massive loss of funds, critical injuries, or worse. In order to counteract these hazardous possibilities, we ensure our team completes multilevel trainings and practices before stepping on the shop floor. After 30 years in the product manufacturing business, we’ve developed this time-tested standard through hard work and true experience. 

The Peak product manufacturing team completes a training classification called Scientific Decoupled Molding, where a hierarchy of molding techniques and procedures are broken down to their simplest stages. With the newest evolutions in engineering and product manufacturing, it is vital that our staff understands the complexities of mass plastic injection molding machinery to allow them to truly master their daily actions and operations in our facility. Using this specialized training and countless other industry standards, the Peak product manufacturing team completes sophisticated production tasks with confidence and tact.

Manufacturing and Fulfillment

Why Peak product manufacturing? 

Peak Manufacturing and Fulfillment provides comprehensive manufacturing services in Colorado, but we’re not the only business out there. Choosing your product manufacturer is a critical business decision that we want you to fully assess and understand, which is why we feel it is vital to clarify the standout differences that we bring to the industry. 
Peak offers full-service production solutions to Colorado businesses, reinventing the way traditional businesses operate and behave. With a full scope of services ranging from initial product design to final order fulfillment, there isn’t an element of production that we can’t provide or enhance. Adopting this comprehensive mindset enables our product manufacturing team to tackle a greater breadth of business, and in turn, prepare for the next step in the process with ease. 
Choosing Peak allows your business operations to find a solid foundation for production, fostering growth and increasing scale at an unprecedented rate. As a result, if and when your business needs evolve from mere product manufacturing and assembly, Peak will be ready to grow with you. 
Leading medical brands, consumer goods favorites, and food startups have enlisted Peak to provide unparalleled quality, unfiltered advice, and unmatched solutions for product manufacturing and beyond. After 30 years of product manufacturing experience and expertise, we’ve developed a tried-and-true perspective that is unmatched in the industry. To see what Peak can do for you today, give us a call or click the button below.
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Peak’s full scope of services stretch far beyond the limits of e-commerce fulfillment and shipping — don’t hesitate to learn more about our integrated production offerings.