Custom Product Assembly, Kitting, & Packaging

Peak Manufacturing and Fulfillment is dedicated to producing multifaceted solutions that expand the possibilities of your business. With custom product packaging, product assembly, and product kitting, it’s never been easier to bring your business dreams to life. Our compassionate team is committed to creating original product solutions that represent business goals, streamline productivity, and simplify operations. And with facilities in Colorado, we can bring our production specialties to a greater audience, providing expert support that can change the face of your business.

Peak Manufacturing and Fulfillment’s product assembly and packaging elevates the expectations of third-party fulfillment companies, expanding the world of business as we know it. Using a balanced combination of expert hands, emerging technology, and specialized environments, your products will be assembled and kitted with precision and accuracy. And with a creative design crew, wide supply selection, and keen attention-to-detail, your inventory will be prepped and packaged with unrivaled sophistication and urgency.

Manufacturing and Fulfillment


At the intersection of innovative technology and operational excellence lies our superior ability to kit and assemble your valued products, with a keen eye on quality and efficiency.

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Expert assembly

Peak utilizes skilled product assembly experts at our Colorado facility, adhering to the highest standards of workmanship and labor. We don’t believe in cutting corners or skipping over the basics — our employees are thoroughly and deeply trained in the craft of assembly and kitting, following a specialized preparation on the assembly of your specific products. Peak Manufacturing and Fulfillment aims to work like a well-oiled production machine, so in order to keep the gears turning, our crew must meet superior expectations and follow mandated guidelines with each and every product assembly. 
Beyond maintaining the status quo with product assembly and product kitting standards, our transparent work environment enables our team to connect deeply with their peers, allowing for open operations and true teamwork. Our employees are proud to be part of the Peak crew, instilling a sense of accountability and responsibility for the work they put out. As we’ve said before, you won’t see many fresh faces over the course of your partnership at Peak—we’ve forged a close bond with our team that will stand strong for years to come. 
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Tracking technology

Here at Peak, we don’t believe in accepting things the way they are— we believe there is always a way to improve and enhance the productivity of our work. To ensure we’re always completing each product assembly and product kitting task with maximum accuracy and precision, we document every step of the assembly process. If your products require a 50-step assembly, we’ll record our completion of each of those 50 steps. That way, we can always trace back an error to its initial stages and stop it in its tracks, reducing your costs and maximizing our time.
On top of thorough and complete product assembly documentation, we also ensure each assembly step is timed for efficiency and optimization. While we’re transcribing our assembly process, we’re also recording our start and stop times for each step. By accurately measuring our average product assembly and product kitting times, we can optimize productivity, maintain accountability, and provide skilled recommendations for future production practices.

Adaptable environments

Peak Manufacturing & Fulfillment provides product assembly and product kitting for a wide range of clients and industries, giving us the unmatched power to adapt our assembly environments to meet your standards. If your product assembly requires a clean environment, Peak provides. We currently maintain several clean environments at our Colorado facility, ranging from dust-filtered hoods to class 5 cleanrooms.

An ISO class 5 cleanroom must adhere to the most stringent standards for product assembly environments, with a required limit to particles per cubic feet of air to prevent outside contaminants and compromised products. Our class 5 cleanrooms are mainly utilized by our medical technology clients, ensuring our product assembly upholds the integrity of each medical-grade product.



Once your product assembly and kitting is complete, allow Peak to complete the process with pristine product packaging, focusing on strategic design and consistent application.
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Creative collaboration

If you need help with your product packaging design, Peak Manufacturing and Fulfillment is your partner every step of the way. Beyond simple product packaging placement and application, Peak’s all-around production team specializes in product packaging design and development. After spending years seeing countless products come in and out of our doors, we’ve developed a deep-rooted understanding of how product packaging should be laid out, designed, and placed. By fusing this knowledge with your unique business value, we can create a truly unified representation of your products that is instantly recognizable and engaging.

Peak’s industry experts can provide transparent, trustworthy advice on the most ideal product packaging designs, and break down why certain layouts or designs resonate with customers more. Since we’re the ones who will be applying your product packaging, we can explain to you why certain materials, colors, layouts, and fonts work better with your specific product.

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Superior supply

Choosing a full-service product packaging, design, manufacturing, warehousing, and fulfillment facility has its advantages, one of which being our far-reaching access to top packaging supplies. As a leader in the product packaging and shipping supplies industry, we are always stocked with an abundance of packaging supplies and materials to streamline the production process and offer greater options for our clients.
We supply a wide breadth of product packaging supplies at our Colorado facilities, from simple boxes to complex machinery. 
  • Boxes: Standard cardboard boxes and custom options, with sizing adjustments if needed
  • Paperboard Folding Cartons: Professional boxes with flexible printing options and durability
  • Poly Bags: Durable and transparent plastic bags used to hold small items and hardware
  • Warehouse Supplies: The various tools and materials you need to get the warehousing job done
  • Tape: Durable adhesive that secures and seals your products through cross-country shipping
  • Automated Packaging Machinery: Simplifying the packaging process with standardized packaging abilities

Meticulous application

One of the most critical elements of product packaging is maintaining consistency and polish. With our multi-level experience in design, manufacturing, shipping, and beyond, our team has developed a superior discipline in product packaging application. Using an expert eye and steady hands, our team utilizes unrivaled attention-to-detail with each product packaging order, ensuring each package is as uniform as the last. 
With our blend of automated packaging, skillful expertise, and efficient operations, our product packaging process is anchored and unchanging. We adhere to stringent standards with packaging application, sticking to a concrete template for our crew to follow with each and every order. That way, you can rest easy knowing the packaging of your product is just as impeccable as what lies inside. 
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Our Services

Peak’s full scope of services stretch far beyond the limits of e-commerce fulfillment and shipping — don’t hesitate to learn more about our integrated production offerings.