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Design 2 Part – Manufacturing Tradeshow

Peak Manufacturing & Fulfillment at the 2024 Design 2 Part tradeshow

Big shout out to Design 2 Part for putting on a very successful manufacturing tradeshow! What a great turnout, but even more important was the quality of conversations from companies that have manufacturing, assembly, and fulfillment needs. There is a lot of demand for reshoring products and we are proud that we help companies with […]

Maribel – 10 Years!

Congratulations Maribel – 10 Years! Pay close attention, we are going to give you the secret ingredient to a successful manufacturing and fulfillment company. It’s the people! And Maribel is another perfect example of how great employees make a company great. Maribel moved from Durango Mexico to Denver 16 years ago to join her family […]

Integrated Services

Manufacturing and Fulfillment

Peak’s full scope of services stretch far beyond the limits of e-commerce fulfillment and shipping — don’t hesitate to learn more about our integrated service offerings. #injectionmolding #manufacturing #fulfillment #ecommerce #warehousing #assembly #shipping Learn more about our Manufacturing services here.

Holiday Hustle 2023

Holiday Hustle 2023 Everyone in #fulfillment knows this is absolutely the busiest week of the year for #ecommerce! As economic concerns start to enter consumer minds, they look to spend their money wisely. #blackfriday and #cybermonday sales provide a great opportunity for customers to get more bang for their buck and this year customers are […]

NOCOM 2023!

Thank you to NOCO for putting on the annual NOCOM Tradeshow. This is the Largest Manufacturing Trade Show in Colorado and provides an excellent opportunity for companies to showcase their capabilities to anyone connected to the manufacturing sector. This trade show also puts a big emphasis on education as students are allowed to walk the […]

Caroba 40th Anniversary Celebration!

40th Anniversary Celebration!! There is no better way to celebrate our 40th anniversary than to bring together our amazing team for a gathering to remember! On a beautiful October fall day, we gathered our employees and their families for food, fun, and giveaways. Excellent food such as BBQ, cotton candy, popcorn, and snow cones kept […]

Poetry in Motion

It’s like Poetry in Motion! The average person does not realize the amount of effort and detail it takes to dial in manufacturing processes to produce high precision products. It really is the perfect blend of art and science. The art of going dialing in hundreds of variables to create a stable process, then the […]

Back To School!

Back To School! In keeping with our annual tradition, our sister company Caroba Plastics recently held our Back to School event that provides many of the school supplies that employees need to send their children back to school. The kids always enjoy being able to pick out their own supplies and by doing so, they […]