Pick, Pack, & Ship

Pick Pack & Ship with Peak Manufacturing & Fulfillment
Here’s a quick behind the scenes look of picking orders for e-commerce fulfillment. Software and procedures are important but it is even more important to have skilled employees who care about what they do! Rosa is one of these people that genuinely cares about the quality her work and this skill set helps us ensure accurate order picking before it goes to our packaging station.

Packaging is the most important step we have in our fulfillment process. After an order is picked, our packaging specialists will double verify that the order is correct, document that that verification was completed, and pack the box to ensure the right items are safely shipped. We call this our most important position because this is the final verification process to ensure that every shipment is correct. It takes skilled personnel like Korina who not only have an eye for detail and quality but also take pride in knowing that her work makes a difference for the thousands of customers that receive exactly what they ordered and in good condition.

Shipping is the final step in the order fulfillment process. Our shipping specialists must be attentive to things like address validation, customs documentation, and that the delivery service being used will actually reach the final destination. Our shipping software automates most of this, but it takes a keen eye, like Angela’s, to spot potential issues and correct them before leaving our warehouses. Our shippers take great care in palletizing LTL (less than truckload) shipments and take multiple photos of each pallet before leaving our facilities. Conveniently, all shipment tracking and photographs are immediately available in our portal (24/7) giving our clients a window into our shipping operations in real time.

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