2022 Employees of the Year

2022 Employees of the Year
As we have now said goodbye to 2022, it is time to reflect on those who helped make 2022 such an amazing success. We would like to recognize 3 individuals spanning 3 departments and 2 different shifts.

Left to Right: Laura (Quality Control), Tania (Clean Room Lead), Megan (2nd Shift Operator)

Laura has been with Caroba for nearly 13 years and has become one of the leaders in our quality department. As the last line of quality inspection, Laura helps ensure we are meeting all the requirements of ISO 9001:2015 and our customer’s exacting specifications. Not only does she have a keen eye to detail but she effectively communicates with all departments to ensure a smooth manufacturing process that is achieving some of the highest quality standards in the industry.

Tania is approaching her 5th year with Caroba. In a very short amount of time, she has shown a great ability to lead a team of clean room operators while also working closely with our Quality Control department to ensure we are meeting customer specifications. Tania possesses amazing communication skills that is able to take instruction and feedback from Management, Manufacturing, Quality Control, and then uses this information to efficiently and effectively guide a skilled clean room staff to meet the cleanliness requirements of the medical devices we are manufacturing.

Megan has now been with Caroba for over 7 years. To explain her role, it is important to explain what 2nd shift means to our company. Our 1st shift is dedicated to mold changes, modifications, testing, sampling, engineering, documentation, training, and all the activities that go into running a smooth-running, high-quality operation. With all of those activities completed on 1st shift, we rely heavily on 2nd shift to be the more production-oriented shift that ensures machine uptime while maintaining high-volume and high-quality output. With an eye for detail and a willingness to do what is needed, Megan has been instrumental in ensuring that both production and quality are meeting the highest standards on our 2nd shift.

Thank You Laura, Tania, and Megan!