Employees of the Year

Congratulations to Lam, Danh, and Natosha for being awarded the 2021 employees of the year. Caroba Plastics and our family of companies salutes you!

There is no question that our #1 investment is in people. This heavy investment in people continues to be the reason we are still a leader in the plastic injection molding industry after nearly 40 years. In addition to investment, we like to recognize employees that go above and beyond. For 2021 we recognize Natosha, Lam, and Danh.

Employees of the Year – Production

Congratulations to Lam and Danh for being recognized as our Production Employees of the Year 2021. Lam has been with our company for almost 10 years and Danh has been with us for nearly 12 years.

In a 24/7 manufacturing operation, it is crucial to maintain quality and productivity through all shifts. As our weekend shifts have become imperative for meeting customer demand, Lam and Danh have become the anchors that our weekend operation relies on. Both are very detailed oriented, professional, and most importantly…they take pride in their work!

Employee of the Year – Office

Congratulations to Natosha for being recognized as our Office Employee of the Year 2021. Natosha has been with our company for 8 years and has recently risen to the challenge of helping implement some big changes in our accounting department. Natosha helps oversee the accounting functions for 7 interrelated companies during a time of increased revenues and market volatility while also being instrumental in training new employees. Over the years, Natosha has become a trusted resource for top management that increasingly rely on her knowledge to help make business decisions. Thank you Natosha for all your hard work!